You wake up on your 40th birthday excited, because you don’t feel any older than 39. Father time has nothing on you besides the occasional grey hair. You make your mental agenda for the day, shower and make coffee. Just like you always do. 40 is a piece of cake. You sit down to read the morning paper like you always do to find something… You can’t see the words. Confused, you move the paper closer to you just to find that the closer you move it, the worse the letters look. You soon realize that you have to hold the paper farther from you to see the words better. Happy Birthday! You are blind!

While fiction, many people can relate to this story on a level that is much too personal. So the major questions that should be asked are 1) Why did anybody think it was a great idea to receive vision loss as a birthday present? and 2) How do I see my paper again?

I am still trying to find a good answer to the first question, so if you have one, please share. but the second question has an answer that I do have. You need new glasses. Easy as that! So make an appointment with your optometrist. (Let us know if you would like some recommendations on who to see). And then bring your new prescription to Bob Keathley Opticians to learn about the options you have to make that newspaper visible again. With options like bifocal, progressive, and digital progressive, The opticians at Bob Keathley Opticians will help you know what is best for you! They take a teachers approach to glasses so that you know exactly what you are investing in.

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